Get featured on top news and media

Do you need to get featured on top news and media sites like Yahoo, Nasdaq, Reuters, Business Insider, Business Journals, and more? If your answer is yes, I can help you.


“Give you lead” is driven by the power and passion of our team as well as our clients. 100 % satisfaction is what we are looking for our clients. We offer many services, and following are some of them:-

Media Placement (Get featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, INC, Nasdaq, Reuters, Yahoo, and more)

Importance Of Media Placement Media placement means the method of placing your ad message using the media, i.e. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, banners, and so on. As advertisers, you need to identify your target market and figure out which types of advertising methods fit into your objectives best. A newer method, of combining both the

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Brand Promotion

Brand promotions and its importance Brand promotion is a technique of process which involves marketing or advertising your brand name, product or service. Using branded promotional items helps to give your business visibility.  It increases brand awareness of your business and gives your business great recognition. What you need to do? If your company is

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a format of marketing that more subtly persuades customers to purchase certain products or services without bombarding them with sales pitches and in your face marketing. This approach is more welcome because there is nobody pressuring you to buy the product. It gives the customer a feeling of more power and that

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Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM)

It is a set of interactive marketing promotion activities or brand messaging which is done either online (internet and social media) or offline (Television and radio). These activities help an individual or organization reach its target audience and achieve its business and financial objectives. Here, we are just focusing on online digital marketing, i.e. SEO,

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PBN (Private Blog Network)

A private blog network is a network of blogs (duh), or rather a network of blog based websites which interlink with one another whenever appropriate to share link juice and traffic. The “private” refers to the idea that every blog in that network is owned by the same person or people so that they have

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Blog Management Service

Blog Management And Its Importance To A Company’s Brand A blog management service helps companies to write catchy content for their blogs and updates just to name a few. Attractive design People fail to realize that blog management includes web design and HTML coding as well as writing new information and responding to comments. The

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Press Relese Service

What Is A Press Release (PR) A press release is an article sent to the media, which can include online and print as well as radio and TV, designed to bring coverage of your company or your product. When you read a story about your favorite drink, sports team, or car there’s more than a

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Content Creation

Content Creation And Its Importance Content creation is all about using words creatively to achieve sales for your online business. If you’re using website content is a key online business strategy to boost traffic and to generate product, company, or service awareness, and to improve a site’s online presence. The effectiveness of written content creation,

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Display Advertising

What Is Display Advertising And Why Is It Important For Your Brand? In this type of advertising, brand ideas and messages are spread with the meticulous use of text, graphics, animation and video. Ads are placed strategically so that they can grab the attention of users and convert them into prospects. Without advertising the business,

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Complete ICO Marketing

Relevance Of ICO marketing An ICO that is ‘Initial Coin Offering’ is a method by which startups crowdfund the capital by trading their own coin for cryptocurrency namely Bitcoin or Ethereum. The marketing strategy for ICOs has been changing ever since the term was coined. Investing in an ICO can lead to tremendous returns as

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Digitization in the 21st century is definitely underrated. If you are looking for something fresh, to all new and existing internet marketing strategy, we are gladly here. Do you want solutions? Then you are surely at the right place


We want to grow visibility for you, your products, get as much traffic for your websites as possible. We want you NOT to be JUST a company, but THE Company that will meet all the criteria’s of the Digitization world.

The billion-dollar question is, how far can you go to make your business stand out in this world of heavy competition? The beauty of letting us help you is, that we can bring the best of both worlds regardless the size of business and operations.


The transformation from manual to digital has been mesmerising and we at “Give you lead” want to give you the same impact and journey by helping you in the following ways:

  • Media Placement
  • ICO Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Data Mining
  • Social Media Optimization

And much more will happen once you join hands with us. We at “Give you lead” follow the best practices and use the latest methodologies helping you to get an edge above all other companies and businesses. Every business requires a, let’ just say a strategy to make them stand out in the crowd that is what we are aiming for, here. We thrive to achieve success for you and your business, we thrive to grow, and we thrive to win.