5 Effective Ways To Deal With An Anti-Social Friend

Best friends make buddies for life; with genuine care and concern they can truly become your ‘other half.’  True and lasting friendships are not based on how much value one or the other brings to the relationship; it is purely based on a kindred feeling that brings out the best in them at all times.


Sometimes there are anti-social, sociopathic friends who are very manipulative.

Find if he/she is manipulative

Try to find out if your friend is manipulative – is he or she bossy, trying to control or hold power or seeking attention all the time?

Check the warning signs

Look out for warning signs – being angry or moody, bad-mouthing you to others, using you to get work done or for access to others, excessive jealousy and possessiveness, constantly lying are some visible signs.

Who are your true friends?

Know who true friends are. Caring and loving friends take joy in simple things.  They are by your side when you need them; out of sight but close by if you need to be on your own and do not feel like company.

Don’t focus so much

Don’t invest all your time and resources in a friendship that is not reciprocal; it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket.

Stay away from unwanted friends

It’s best to cut off friendship with a friend who is not happy with your success and achievement; chances are he or she is very envious.




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