Complete ICO Marketing

Relevance Of ICO marketing

An ICO that is ‘Initial Coin Offering’ is a method by which startups crowdfund the capital by trading their own coin for cryptocurrency namely Bitcoin or Ethereum. The marketing strategy for ICOs has been changing ever since the term was coined. Investing in an ICO can lead to tremendous returns as can be seen with success stories such as NEO and Ethereum whose early investors are now looking at 200,000% returns.

The fundamental behind ICO

Companies have been widely using blockchain technologies to bring their projects to life. An initial coin offering has proven to be one of the most efficient means of collecting funds for a promising idea launch. ICOs work similarly to crowdfunding platforms, though one significant feature differentiates them from others.

Investors not only support the project, but get the chance to make a profit from it! A team asks for money by offering an interesting product. They provide their business plan, show their goals in the global market, illustrate ICO marketing plans, and explain how much money would be needed to launch a startup. The best projects easily raise the required amount of money.

With the development of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market is constantly expanding and progressing. Today, people use crypto money to participate in token sales, exchange tokens, and invest in various projects to achieve higher profits. By funding an appealing ICO, supporters provide the opportunity for it to develop, and also get native tokens that can later be exchanged for a higher value.

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